Infection Control in Offices

Pathogens do not discriminate between healthcare settings.

Whether it is an administration block or a clinic, the transmission of infections works in exactly the same way. Ensuring offices are treated with the same robust cleansing routine as clinics, theatres and other healthcare settings will help prevent and control infections. Office staff are as vulnerable as patients and healthcare workers to infection. Inivos’ structured approach, with the minimum of disruption, will provide a cleansing routine to ensure offices and office staff are not at risk.

Through our sampling work with Peterborough City Hospital, we evaluated the level of contamination in key non-patient environments before and after UV-C decontamination with the Ultra-V machine. Before decontamination, the results showed that office equipment, including the desk and telephone, contained a higher average TVC than sluice areas. This highlights the importance of treating non-patient areas with efficient cleaning processes.

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