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Rick Fentiman co-founded Inivos®, a leading global med-tech business for the NHS and also part of the SHS group of companies, in 2007 based on inspiration from his experiences working with the clinical teams at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals to develop what has gone on to become the world’s leading whole room decontamination technologies. It was these experiences that galvanised his passion for, as he describes it, “designing and developing solutions which fix real clinical needs”.

With formal qualifications in accounting and finance, Rick has gone on to develop a broad interest in product engineering, efficacy testing, technology development and engaging with frontline clinicians.

Rick likes to use his understanding of the acute healthcare setting to develop technologies and commercial solutions to meet the everyday needs of hospitals and clinicians. This has led to the business diversifying in a number of closely aligned areas within healthcare and developing a pipeline of opportunities for the future. Health Spaces was formed in 2021 and became part of the SHS group of companies, a family of healthcare brands providing a range of solutions and services that have helped deliver better healthcare, faster, for more than a decade and to millions of patients worldwide.

The result of this expertise for our Health Spaces customers is a streamlined thought process to integrate best practices, tried-and-tested methodology and automated technology into our solutions. We design a space that goes beyond the obvious clinical need and incorporates the necessary technologies to reduce added pressures, including infection control.




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