Hospital Decontamination Service

With 300,000 patients each year contracting infections whilst being treated in NHS hospitals alone, a proactive response to infection control is the opportunity to make a positive difference to patient health and well-being in your care. Infection prevention and control can be complicated by a number of factors whilst being unique to various circumstances. The team at Inivos has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver the specialist treatments and services that are targeted to your needs, resulting in patient-ready spaces.
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Rapid-response decontamination for rooms and clinical areas on an on-demand basis. We can be with you as soon as you need us, within 8 hours, anywhere in the UK, any time of day or night. Our on-call emergency service can be booked directly through our specialist 24hr helpdesk. A one-off service with quick turn-around to keep downtime to a minimum.

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Target a specific decontamination need, combat outbreaks and known infection risks within a clinical area before a problem escalates and impacts staff and patients. Our fixed-cost project services provide you with a level of control through agreed outcomes that are completed within a defined timeframe. 

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An on-site, proactive decontamination resource to meet the ongoing decontamination requirements across the hospital to reduce the risk of HAI’s and safeguard patients and staff under your care. Our specialists will ascertain your needs and develop a contracted solution to meet your unique, specific everyday infection needs with dedicated supervision, preferential service support and reporting.

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All our products are available for rental, including accessories if required. Rental is the ideal solution for customers who have an immediate need for decontamination, as well as staff available to use the systems, but don’t have the capital funding to purchase outright. Rentals can be arranged for 3, 6 or 12-month periods, or longer if required.

Added value from Inivos services
We combine intelligent insights and expert operational delivery to consistently achieve reduction of infection in hospitals. We call this ‘our added value’.

Our observation from working with hospitals around the world is there are generally two core groups of specialists, the ‘thinkers’ and the ‘doers’, but too often they work in isolation. The ‘thinkers’ analyse data, uncover trends and gain fresh insights into emerging infection risks. The ‘doers’ have a long list of work to do and not enough hours in the day to do it, they are great at day to day routines but they struggle to release resource to deliver projects and step change.

Inivos thrive on bringing these two groups together to deliver measurable infection reduction and better patient outcomes. We use the intelligent insights to design and deliver meaningful solutions that can be delivered and managed for both daily decontamination routines and complex decontamination projects.

  • Sharing best practice and learning from the many hospital facilities we work with around the world
  • Bringing cohesion between multiple teams, both clinical and operational, to achieve the desired outcome
  • Managing and delivering complex projects, from single bed-space decontamination to whole wards, from a single treatment room to an operation theatre complex
  • Agility to scale up and down to meet the operational requirements of the hospital, from a single room to a whole department
  • Ability to deploy solutions rapidly and consistently around the clock

Inivos provides help, support, solutions and services as part of its ongoing mission to reduce the risk of patient infection in clinical care environments. We design and manufacture products and provide consultancy services to help make the healthcare environment safer for patients and front-line healthcare staff, ensuring better care, faster. 

Whether it’s on an emergency on-call basis, for a specific project or as an ongoing managed service, we are always ready to support you on our 24/7 helpline. 

Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

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