Infection Control Services

Our mission is to enable hospitals to deliver better care, faster.

Our hospital infection prevention services helps to achieve this by, Removing the infection risk from building services and the built environment through the use of our compliant, rapid, project-based building management services.

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How we work

Every infection need is different. That is why we offer a choice of solutions that provide both a reactive and proactive option to reduce and maintain infection control.

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Rapid-response decontamination for rooms and clinical areas on an on-demand basis. We can be with you as soon as you need us, within 8 hours, anywhere in the UK, any time of day or night. Our on-call emergency service can be booked directly through our specialist 24hr helpdesk. A one-off service with quick turn-around to keep downtime to a minimum.

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Target a specific decontamination need, combat outbreaks and known infection risks within a clinical area before a problem escalates and impacts staff and patients. Our fixed-cost project services provide you with a level of control through agreed outcomes that are completed within a defined timeframe. 

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An on-site, proactive decontamination resource to meet the ongoing decontamination requirements across the hospital to reduce the risk of HAI’s and safeguard patients and staff under your care. Our specialists will ascertain your needs and develop a contracted solution to meet your unique, specific everyday infection needs with dedicated supervision, preferential service support and reporting.

Our Infection Control Approach
The services we’re offering are not new in themselves, but our infection prevention and control approach is.

We deeply consider and understand the infection risks associated with healthcare buildings, services and environments, and have developed a range of services to meet these infection risks. In doing so, we’ve been careful to ensure that we meet all the requirements of the relevant engineering guidance within the HTM’s and the HBN’s.

Testing, Validating & Sampling
To treat an infection outbreak we first need to understand the root cause of the infection. The only way to accurately do this, is to sample, test and report on a range of sources. We have partnered with a UKAS accredited testing laboratory to enable us to provide you with an informed and data backed project plan to eradicate your infection outbreaks.

The laboratory will report their findings back to us and from there, we will put together a detailed project plan for your hospital. The report will be included in the plan, providing full transparency throughout the project.

Complete Package Solutions
Inivos provides help, support, solutions and services as part of its ongoing mission to reduce the risk of patient infection in clinical care environments. We recognise that creating a patient ready space and a constantly safe hospital environment isn’t always easy. That’s why we have put together a complete package solution to make creating a patient ready space a smoother process. Building infection prevention into your routine is made easy with our Complete Package solution.

We will:

  • Understand the problem
  • Carry out testing, reports and plan
  • Build a service package to solve the problem

Our services target a wide range of infection sources and often a number of these will be required to fully combat an outbreak. We make this process simple, straight forward and stress-free by delivering a complete solution.

Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

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