Extract Cleaning

The air we breathe is a common vector for the transmission of harmful pathogens, with the potential to cause infection.

Extractors in kitchens are often warm, greasy and irregularly cleaned due to their lack of accessibility meaning they contain ideal conditions for bacterial colonisation. Without regular cleaning, condensation and heat inside the kitchen extraction system greatly increases the potential for microbial spread.
Uncleaned kitchen extractors can also represent a significant fire risk.

The Risk of Extractor Fires

80% of kitchen fires are caused by kitchen extraction systems. Commercial kitchens cannot afford the risk of fire, the cost of repairing fire damage as well as the harm
to a company’s reputation can be fatal meaning it is within every company’s best interests to ensure the risk of fire in extracts is minimalised.

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Did you know?

Kitchen extract ductwork is the primary fire risk in any commercial kitchen, 80% of kitchen fires are rooted in the kitchen extraction¹.

How Inivos Can Help

Our kitchen extract cleaning can be delivered as an on-call service for emergency situations, a specific project, or as a scheduled managed service contract. Our work is carried out in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.
This enables us to greatly decrease the risk of a fire breaking out in a kitchen and ensure that the relevant health and safety regulations are followed.
Our kitchen extract cleaning services can be combined with our other services focused on the air vector of transmission to create an effective strategy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean air.

Our Service

We manage the project from end-to-end to ensure all stakeholders are aligned through clear communication of a complete project plan. Our teams of qualified technicians are able to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure rapid turnaround and minimum disturbance or disruption to the clinical schedule. This involves:

Pre-Cleaning Assessment

Our first step is to survey the kitchen extractor and visible ductwork and to take samples to actively assess the current the condition and implement the correct cleaning plan. This allows us to analyse the microbial growth and degree of grease contamination. Our technicians will wear complete PPE to carry this out to ensure full protection from any contamination in the ductwork and extraction system.

Effective Disinfection

To ensure an effective disinfection, we first scour the interior of the ductwork using high grade cleaners then, if required, scrub any remaining grease residue in the interior of the ductwork as well thoroughly removing any soiling in the grilles and filters. Once this is completed, the entire system will be sanitized with sporicidal and antibacterial wipes to ensure the clean is complete.

Validated Assurance

We ensure that the kitchen is fully deep cleaned and disinfected following the clean. A full report will be provided on completion, in line with HTM-03-01 requirements, and the standards as set out in TR19 – Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems. We also take photographs before, during and after our work to show you the results, in line with our evidence-based approach.

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1 http://facilitymanagement.com/mold-school-hospital-hvac-systems/.