Filter Integrity Testing

The air we breathe is a common vector for the transmission of harmful pathogens and poses a risk of infection.
In hospital settings, different rooms have specialised functions and treat a variety of patients, including those with infectious-contagious diseases. This makes it vital to prevent pathogens – which can have more detrimental consequences in hospitals than elsewhere – from circulating freely in the air.
Maintaining clean air is a vital way to maintain a hygienic environment and reduce the risk of infection – as well as protecting sensitive medical equipment.

Why Testing HEPA Filters is Vital

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters play a key role in maintaining clean air by removing airborne powder and dust particles, microorganisms and other contaminants from the air circulating within a healthcare facility.

HEPA filters are sophisticated systems that require continuous maintenance to keep them working properly. If they fail, or are simply used incorrectly, the air is not filtered effectively.

By testing HEPA filters, we can provide assurance that they are performing to the required standard, and that the air being introduced into a cleanroom is free from particulates.

Testing can be used to commission newly installed filters. In-use filter can also be proven to be in good operative condition.

Leaks are a particular cause for concern. While a well-maintained, leak-free HEPA filter will provide clean air for many years, a breakdown in the filter’s structural integrity can dramatically impair its effectiveness and lead to increased microbiological counts. Therefore, a key part of testing is to check the differential pressure by monitoring before and after the filter elements.

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Did you know?

• MRSA is the leading cause of highly-contagious staph infections in hospitals.

How Inivos Can Help

We can test your HEPA filters to gauge their integrity and ensure they are still fit for purpose. We carry out our tests in situ, during the course of your normal operations.

Our service can flex to suit your needs, we can provide an on-call service or an ongoing maintenance contract, with regular scheduled tests for all your filters.

Unlike some other providers, we provide a comprehensive service that covers all types of filters, including those fitted to AHUs and ventilation ductwork.

Our filter integrity tests can be combined with our other services focused on the air vector of transmission to create an effective strategy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean air.

Our Service

We manage the project from end to end, and keep all stakeholders informed by communicating a complete project plan. Our teams of qualified technicians can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure rapid turnaround and minimum disturbance or disruption to your clinical schedule. This involves:

Pre-Cleaning Assessment

Before carrying out the test, our technicians will carry out a risk assessment of the area surrounding the filter including the requirements of accessing the duct before and after the filter.
They will also inspect the filter and its casing for visible wear and tear that could affect filter integrity.

Accredited Integrity Testing

During our filter integrity tests, we measure air pressure both before and after the filter and test the level of particulates in the air after it has passed through the filter.
We use the dispersed oil particulate (DOP) test which fulfils the requirements of ISO EN14644-3.
During the test process, we take measurements to ensure that no seepage has occurred, either through the filter itself or through its seals, housing and joints on to the ductwork.

Reporting and Accreditation

Following our tests, we will produce a comprehensive report with details of how the tests were carried out and the results obtained, in line with all the relevant accreditation. We will also provide written confirmation that we have ensured the filter is fit for purpose.
If a filter is not up to standard, we’ll advise you on remedial steps that should be carried out, and how we can help.

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