Vent Grille Cleaning

The air we breathe is a common vector for the transmission of harmful pathogens, with the potential to cause infection. The vent grilles in air ventilation systems, if left uncleaned, present a risk of infection by facilitating the spread of airborne infections such as MRSA and circulating dust particles. This is especially concerning in clinical settings where patients are immunocompromised, and therefore more likely to acquire an infection.

Risk of Infection

Hospitals are familiar with the risks of HAIs and the costs of MRSA infections. Evidence suggests MRSA and aspergillus can pose a risk as airborne pathogens.

The MRSA bacteria is commonly found in ‘dusty’ and inaccessible areas such as air conditioning or extraction ducts and it has been evidenced that MRSA can survive on surfaces or skin cells for up to 80 days. Uncleaned vent grilles assist in the circulation of pathogens so it is essential to ensure they are cleaned effectively and on a regular basis.

The Most Susceptible

Theatres, in particular, require safe, clean air. Yet, over time, dust can collect in vent grilles, reducing the overall air quality and leading to an increased risk in the acquisition of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). An acquisition of such an infection by a patient ultimately leads to a longer hospital stay, impacting the throughput of patients and bed capacity, as well as cost of care.

A robust schedule of vent grille cleaning is therefore especially beneficial to staff and patients in theatres, but also in wards and treatment rooms, as well as specialist areas including ICU, oncology and respiratory clinics.

Our vent grille cleaning services can be combined with our other services focused on the |air vector of transmission to create an effective strategy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean air.

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Did you know?

The required air change rate can only be sustained with a well-maintained ventilation system1

How Inivos Can Help

Our vent grille cleaning can be delivered as an on-call service for emergency situations, a specific area or a project, a complete service, which includes full decontamination of the complete HVAC system, or as a scheduled managed service contract. Our work is carried out in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations. This enables you to reduce the risk of a patient acquiring an infection whilst in hospital.

Our Service

We manage the project from end-to-end to ensure all stakeholders are aligned through clear communication of a complete project plan. Our teams of qualified technicians are able to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure rapid turnaround and minimum disturbance or disruption to the clinical schedule. This involves:

Ventilation Disinfection

Our first step is to survey the vent grille and to take samples to actively assess the current the condition and implement the correct cleaning plan. This allows us to analyse the microbial growth and degree of dust contamination.

Effective Cleaning

 One of our skilled technicians carries out effective cleaning through the use of a HEPA filtered vacuum followed by manual cleaning with anti-bacterial wipes.

Validated Assurance

After cleaning and disinfection, we validate the efficacy through sampling and re-testing of the microbiological and physical parameters, before providing you with a report. We will also provide you with photographic evidence as part of an audit trail for you to maintain as part of your monitoring and recording.

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1. Eames I., Tang J., Li Y., Wilson P. Airborne transmission of disease in hospitals. J. R. Soc. Interface. 2009;6:S697–S702.
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