TMV Temperature Control, Maintenance and Testing

Hospitals, social care homes and other settings are familiar with legionella infections and scalding. Both of these share a common solution, water temperature control. This can be achieved through a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV).

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

A TMV is a specially designed plumbing valve that allows careful mixing of water temperatures in order to control hot water outlets to safe levels especially where older people and children are exposed as they are at more risk of scalding (burns as a result of very hot water) from showers, baths and wash hand basins.

On the other hand, TMV’s can also be very beneficial at controlling the transmission of Legionella species. Legionellae are water-borne pathogens that thrive in aqueous environments and more specifically in warm environments for optimal growth, causing a wide variety of complications including severe forms of pneumonia and respiratory tract infections.

All healthcare, social care and similar properties that fall under the Care Standards Act 2000 should be fitted with thermostatic mixing valves that meet the NHS Model Engineering Specification D08 and NHS Estates – TMV manufacturers TMV3 performance standards of thermostatic protection. To maintain protection against scald risk and legionella infections, TMVs require routine maintenance and servicing.

The Most Susceptible

Serious injuries could occur as a result of encountering very hot water. For example, if the water temperature is higher than 44 °C then there is a significant risk of serious injury or even fatality, especially where large areas of the body are exposed to high temperatures. Such elevated water temperatures therefore need to be carefully controlled and managed, especially where those at higher risk of scalding injury are exposed.

The elderly and children are those at most risk of scalding due to their vulnerability in acquiring an injury from minor mistakes. In addition, Legionella infections caused by L. pneumophila can be transmitted through hospital water and can possess a risk on the lives of immunosuppressed patients and the elderly. Therefore, it is essential to ensure TMVs are working effectively by performing further maintenance servicing and testing.

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Did you know?

Children and the elderly are particularly at risk from scalding from hot water with accident statistics showing that nearly 600 people suffered serious scald injuries in the UK each year¹

How Inivos Can Help

Our TMV maintenance service can be delivered as both an on-call service for emergency situations, a specific area or a project or as a scheduled managed service contract. Our work is carried out in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations2.

This enables us to reduce the risk of a patient acquiring an infection whilst in hospital, by reducing the number of reservoirs available for dangerous pathogens to multiply in.

Our TMV maintenance services can be combined with our other services focused on the water vector of transmission to create an effective strategy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean, safe water.

Our Service

Our highly-trained mobile technicians provide full service, including testing and maintenance of TMVs and can be used in conjunction with our other services including decontamination of rooms afterwards. Through our managed 24-hour on-call helpline a fast turnaround on all services can be achieved minimizing clinical downtime.

Pre-Risk Assessment

Prior to TMV servicing, we preform tests to check temperature of water, and decontamination levels. Then we preform cleaning, descaling and disinfection of any strainers of filters associated with TMV. And validate efficacy with sampling.

TMV Servicing/Maintenance

Our professional TMV servicing, temperature monitoring and safety testing services deliver several important benefits to our customers in accordance with health and safety standards, including ensuring safe, accurate and reliable temperature control, water flow control, and TMV specification.


All thermostatic mixing valve inspections, maintenance and TMV servicing details are recorded and maintained and a comprehensive report containing the details of the servicing is produced for customer records.

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2. Health technical memorandum HTM 04-01: Safe water in healthcare premises.