Water Filter Replacement

Sterile and clean water is essential in any hospital setting as contaminated hospital water systems could give rise to potentially harmful pathogens that thrive in aqueous environments. Such pathogens possess a high risk on patients’ lives, especially the immunocompromised and most vulnerable ones, but also possess a risk on healthcare staff and visitors.

The Risk of Infection

The hospital environment serves as a suitable space for pathogens to thrive. This is due to its water temperatures, that are suitable for microbial growth, and the complex structure of hospital water systems often leads to stagnation, corrosion, and biofilm formation, increasing the risk on people’s lives, especially the elderly, critically ill, and immunocompromised patients. The common waterborne pathogens include, but are not limited to, Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium and other gram-negative bacteria. Contaminated water can lead to outbreaks causing severe infections and therefore increasing morbidity and mortality rates of hospital acquired infections such as respiratory tract infections and pneumonia, urinary tract infections, meningitis, sepsis, gastroenteritis and in worst-case scenarios could lead to death, especially in patients with a weak immunity system.

The Most Susceptible

Every individual that comes in contact with the contaminated water can be at high risk of acquiring a nosocomial infection. This includes visitors, hospital staff and patients. More importantly, elderly and immunosuppressed patients should be protected against these opportunistic infections as they can develop further complications as a result of drinking or coming in contact with contaminated water.

Moreover, specific filtration and water treatment solutions are often required for departments using water in their processes such as Endoscopy washing of endoscopes, Infection Control requiring bacteria removal at tap and shower outlets, Sterile services needing to produce pure water for autoclaving, Renal dialysis central pure water plants and home dialysis systems and Dental departments also require pure water for their benchtop sterilisers.

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Did you know?

Water within buildings can stagnate and form biofilms, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms2.

Where water is to be used for human consumption or cleaning, filtration and/or further treatment may be necessary to comply with the Private Supplies Regulations 1991 and Water Industry Act 19991

In recent years, published evidence has revealed an increase in outbreaks and incidents of infection where the microbial source can be traced to contamination of the water used in hospitals3

 Regular microbiological examination of tap waters in augmented care areas of the hospital is an essential part of ensuring adequate water quality4

How Inivos Can Help

Our water filter replacement service can be delivered as both an on-call service for emergency situations, a specific area or a project or as a scheduled managed service contract. Our work is carried out in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations. This enables us to reduce the risk of a patient acquiring and infection whilst in hospital, by reducing the number of reservoirs available for dangerous pathogens to multiply in.

Our Service

Our highly-trained mobile technicians provide full service, including testing and maintenance of water filters, as well as water treatment, if needed, and decontamination of rooms afterwards. We differ from other companies in that we provide a managed 24-hour on-call service.

Pre-Risk Assessment

Our technicians will perform assessments to find access points for filter, isolation of filter and pipe surrounding. They will dispose old filters and disinfect the surrounding areas, then replace the used filter with a new one. We provide initial consultation and feasibility, with support in the development of your URS.

Water Filter Replacement

We provide complete turnkey projects completely designed according to your requirements and work in improving the performance of your current water purification or distribution system as well as upgrading your control systems and perform troubleshooting and maintenance. This includes boiler rooms, wet-rooms, water-pipes, endoscopy and renal dialysis wards.


After we deliver our water filter replacement service, we conduct validation tests to ensure the filter is properly fitted and working effectively. This includes filter integrity testing, water microbiological sampling, waste trap deep cleaning and water outlet sampling.

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