Water Outlet Sampling

Water-borne pathogens can easily grow in aqueous environments if water outlets are not maintained and cleaned appropriately. Hospitals must ensure that water used in their healthcare facilities is safe, in order to minimize the potential risk of infection to people receiving treatment within the hospital environment as well as minimizing avoidable outbreaks from infectious microorganisms such as Legionella and Pseudomonas, especially through outlets such as showers and taps. Water outlet sampling gives hospitals validated assurance that there is not a harmful level of pathogens in the water system, in order to protect vulnerable and immunocompromised patients from HAIs, as well as fulfilling the requirements of mandatory HAI surveillance.

The Risk of Infection

Inappropriately cleaned or maintained water outlets such as shower heads and taps can host harmful microorganisms that increase the risk of hospital acquired infections. Patients, visitors and staff in general can be at risk of acquiring or carrying an infection if exposed to contaminated droplets or aerosols coming directly from the water outlets.

The Most Susceptible

Water-borne pathogens can give rise to nosocomial infections such as urinary tract infections, blood poisoning (sepsis), pneumonia, and many other complications. The immunosuppressed, immunocompromised, the elderly and patients with chronic and respiratory diseases are the most vulnerable and prioritizing their safety is a must.

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Did you know?

Published evidence has revealed an increase in outbreaks and incidents of infection where the microbial source can be traced to contamination of the water used in hospitals1

How Inivos Can Help

Our water outlet sampling can be delivered as an on-call service, emergency call out, specific project or as a scheduled managed service contract. Our work is carried out following the legislation laid down by the Health and Safety Executive.

This enables us to reduce the risk of a patient acquiring and infection whilst in hospital, by reducing the number of reservoirs available for dangerous pathogens to multiply in.

Our water outlet sampling services can be combined with our other services focused on the water vector of transmission to create an effective strategy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean, safe water.

Our Service

Because water sampling doesn’t rely on one variable, we strive to provide the best water services in addition to taking water samples from your hospital. These services, such as water microbiological sampling, water system flushing, TMV maintenance and water tank cleaning can be used in conjunction with the sampling service. Our technicians adhere to all the health and safety guidelines to ensure no cross-contamination would occur, which includes wearing PPE, and precisely following instructions of water sampling and water testing.

Pre-Sampling Risk Assessment

Our experienced technicians perform all the required steps prior to taking samples for analysis. This include fully inspecting the systems to ensure there are no potential issues or to make notes when issues do exist within the water outlets to provide fully accurate results. Our trained technicians would take all precautions such as wearing personal protective equipment and taking the samples carefully, to ensure risks of spreading Legionella or Pseudomonas infections from the outlets are kept to a minimum.


Whether you are trying to discover presence of the bacteria within the water outlets or the distribution pipework, our trained technicians will take pre-flush and post-flush samples to determine presence of any unwanted contamination within your water systems. In addition, swab samples are collected from areas where there is a build-up of scale as well as slime, sludge and sediment. Samples then are sent to the laboratory for analysis.


On completion of sampling and analysis, you will be issued with a comprehensive report detailing the findings and observations of the water testing visit and inspection along with any recommendations for improvement or remedial actions based on the results obtained. All results are fully interpreted with direct knowledge of the site and location from which they have been collected providing a validated and certificated service.

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1. https://www.phe-culturecollections.org.uk/media/94733/pp297-300-bmsjun14.pdf.