Water System Flushing

Healthcare environments present some of the greatest challenges in keeping complex hot and cold water systems free from dangerous pathogens. An efficient and reliable way of flushing your water system is vital if you are to prevent the spread of water-borne infections like Legionella and Pseudomonas to which immunosuppressed patients are particularly vulnerable.

The Risk of Infection

For many people the bacteria which live in drinking water are harmless but for hospital patients they can be life-threatening. Water-borne pathogens can reach patients in a number of ways including through invasive devices such as intravenous lines and dialysis machines. Those with underlying health conditions and a weakened immune system are at greater risk.

A robust and accredited water system flushing process prevents the build up of bacterial biofilms and is necessary once pipes have been installed to flush out debris such as oils, dirt and dust. Unflushed systems can contain dangerous micro-organisms which flushing could dramatically reduce.

Our technologies can disinfect cooling towers, closed systems and building services water supplies as well as point of use tap and specialist use supplies. We provide water system flushing which prevent outbreaks occurring.

The Most Susceptible

In a clinical setting, where patients often have compromised immune systems, the risk of infection is even greater. Being more prone to infection makes these patients more susceptible to acquiring an HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) in turn increasing their length of stay in hospital, reducing patient bed turnover and putting a greater strain on already stretched resources.

Contaminated tap water has been known to cause outbreaks of Legionella Surgical Site Infections and it has been shown that water may often contain mycobacteria that is undetectable by conventional bacteriological tests which are resistant to chemical disinfectants which demonstrates the importance of keeping water systems clean.

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Did you know?

To avoid stagnation of water, hygiene flushing should be carried out weekly or twice weekly in healthcare premises¹

How Inivos Can Help

Our Water System Flushing process can be delivered as an on-call service, emergency call out, specific project or as a scheduled managed service contract. Our work
is carried out following the legislation laid down by the Health and Safety Executive.

We help reduce the risk of water borne infections using fresh cold disinfected water via the mains or ancillary supply. By flushing out the system with this carefully balanced combination it discourages bacteria from settling and reduces the chances of infection through this method of prevention and control.

Our water system flushing services can be combined with our other services focused on the water vector of transmission to create an effective strategy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean, safe water.

Our Service

We manage the process through from end to end whether an emergency call out, specific project or a managed service contract. Our teams of qualified technicians are available to operate on your site with minimum disturbance or disruption and with rapid turnaround times. This involves:

Pre-Service Assessment

Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of your current Water Safety Plan and Risk Assessment. We then use our insights to design solutions that meet your needs and implement a strategy to service, monitor, disinfect, and treat your environment’s water system to prevent and control infection.

What We Do

We isolate the water system and flush through the fluid and rinse off. We treat all washrooms, bathrooms and water systems together with any areas where the danger of contamination from water-borne infections is high.

Post-Service Validation

Water-borne infections pose a risk to patients and staff and can result in heavy fines for hospital trusts and other organisations. Post-service validation is important to reassure you and the health and safety regulators you have done everything possible to prevent an outbreak. We provide a comprehensive report on the results of the flushing.

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