Water Temperature Monitoring

We all know that water is the source of life, keeping us hydrated and clean, but it is not without its risks. In fact, it is a common vector for the
transmission of dangerous pathogens. So, ensuring its treatment is maintained is essential to our health, and one way to achieve this is by monitoring and controlling the temperature of water, especially in storage.

One of the critical control measures against water-borne infections like Legionella and Pseudomonas is temperature control. But ensuring the right temperature for both hot and cold water in large and complex environments is not that straightforward.

The Risk of Infection

Healthcare environments present some of the greatest challenges in keeping complex hot and cold water systems free from dangerous pathogens. Our water temperature monitoring service alerts hospitals to potential dangers before an outbreak occurs.

The ability to monitor the water temperature is vital to ensure it is stored at the right temperature to prevent outbreaks happening. It is a simple but effective way to eliminate water-borne diseases which could spread throughout hospitals and healthcare centres and make patients sick or even in danger of death.

The Health and Safety Executive advises all stored water is kept at 60 degrees Celsius and delivered at 50 degrees Celsius while cold water should be stored at 20 degrees Celsius. Effective water temperature monitoring is the only way to guarantee those regulations are being followed.

The Most Susceptible

Everyone that comes in contact with contaminated water droplets is at risk of acquiring an infection from any water-borne bacteria in it such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. However, elderly or immunosuppressed patients and people with chronic lung disease, diabetes, cancer and kidney or liver failure are at a higher risk of developing severe complications when they encounter these diseases which could have fatal consequences.

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Did you know?

The primary method used to control the risk from Legionella is water temperature control. Water services should be operated at temperatures that prevent Legionella growth¹

How Inivos Can Help

Our Water Temperature Monitoring can be delivered as an on-call service, emergency call out, specific project or as a scheduled managed service contract. Our work is carried out following the legislation laid down by the Health and Safety Executive.

We help reduce the risk of water borne infections through a range of monitoring processes which provide accurate measurements and give you peace of mind.

Our water temperature monitoring services can be combined with our other services focused on the water vector of transmission to create an effective strategy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean, safe water.

Our Service

We manage the process through from end to end whether an emergency call out, specific project or a managed service contract. Our teams of qualified technicians are able to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. We offer an on call service, rapid turnaround and minimum disruption.

Pre-Service Assessment

We believe a thorough pre-service assessment for any work carried out is vital to ensure we provide the most cost effective, safe and efficient method of monitoring. Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of your current Water Safety Plan and Risk Assessment. We then use our insights to design solutions that meet your needs and implement a strategy to service, monitor, disinfect, and treat your environment’s water system to prevent and control infection.

Active Monitoring

Our service provides for active monitoring to alert you to any potential problems as soon as possible. Whether it is a managed service contract, a project or an emergency call out or on call service our team can provide you with the information you need and answers to stop any issues before they begin.

Post-Service Validation

Post-service validation is important to reassure you and the health and safety regulators you have done everything possible to prevent an outbreak. We provide a comprehensive report on our findings and use our extensive knowledge to also advise you on the most effective solution to ensure the water temperature is the level required by Health and Safety guidelines.

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1. https://www.hse.gov.uk/foi/internalops/og/ogprocedures/inspection/control-of-legionella-appendix%202.pdf.