Reduce airborne pathogens by more than 83%

Airial-1000 ceiling fitted air filtration

Year-round prevention of nosocomial spread of respiratory infections eg. COVID-19, Influenza, with UV-C and HEPA filtration.

AIRIAL-1000 is an easily installed, ceiling-fitted air filtration solution for high-risk areas in hospitals and clinical environments. It combines HEPA filtration with UV-C light technology, allowing for rapid air decontamination with 8 air changes per hour (ACH). The UV-C light filter is safely housed within the unit, eliminating the risk of exposure.

AIRIAL-1000 provides a non-obtrusive solution to improving air quality without loss of circulation or trip hazards as typically associated with mobile systems. It can operate continuously in occupied spaces, constantly reducing pathogens, with the UV-C light filter eliminating up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens.

Key features:

• HEPA and UV-C filtration.
• Achieves 8 – 12 ACH in a typical 6 bed bay with 2 units.
• Airflow up to 1000m3/h.
• Real-time air quality indicator.
• 4 speeds, including quiet mode for night-time operation.
• Discreet ceiling recessed unit
• Fits within a standard ceiling tile.
• Treat the whole room with even 4-way distribution of clean air.

AIRIAL-1000 meets NHS guidelines of UV-C devices for air cleaning in healthcare spaces released May 2023.

“There is substantial evidence from laboratory studies and real-world settings that UV-C is an effective technology for the reduction of airborne pathogens within room air and HVAC systems.”
Application of ultraviolet (UV-C) devices for air cleaning in occupied healthcare spaces: guidance and standards, NHS guidelines, 2023

Continuous real-time pathogen reduction in patient spaces

Maintaining good levels of indoor air quality (IAQ) is vital in minimising the spread of airborne infections that pose a serious threat to immunocompromised patients, staff and visitors within hospital and wider healthcare settings.

Mobile: Mobile units tend to be placed in corners to reduce trip hazards. This means air flow cleaning is good in that area, but it is likely that large areas will be missed or poorly treated.

AIRIAL-1000: Ceiling units are installed centrally within the room and distribute clean air throughout the space by discharging in 4 directions. This results in an even and uniform distribution of clean air in all parts of the room.


Improving Air Filtration to Reduce Infection for North Bristol NHS Trust

Airial-1000 in Elgar Enablement Unit

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