Improving Airflow and Reducing Trip Hazards for North Bristol NHS Trust

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To reduce the number of infection outbreaks by improving airflow and to limit the number of obstacles and trip hazards on a frailty pathway ward. 

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North Bristol NHS Trust initially introduced Airqon HEPA-800 mobile air filtration units in one of their wards. While the Trust was satisfied with the performance of the units, the ward was caring for patients on the frailty pathway and the freestanding HEPA-800 and its power leads created  potential trip hazards. 

The original air ventilation system of this older building was inadequate, so when ceiling renovation was required the Trust saw an opportunity to remove obstacles by upgrading to the Airqon Airial-1000, ceilingmounted units. 

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The new remotely-controlled air filtration units have substantially improved airflow in the ward and reduced obstacles and trip hazards. Following the completion of the work, North Bristol NHS Trust has placed a further order for the installation of Airial-1000 units on another floor of the building.

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