Improving Air Quality and Workflow Efficiencies for North Bristol NHS Trust

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In Autumn 20222, ceiling renovation works were required in an older building at North Bristol NHS Trust. As the original air ventilation system was inadequate, the Trust incorporated the installation of ceiling fitted air filtration units, Airial-1000™ to improve air quality in the Elgar Enablement Unit.

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Airial-1000™ provides a non-obtrusive solution to improving air quality without loss of circulation or trip hazards as typically associated with mobile systems. These ceiling fitted units, combining HEPA filtration with UV-C light technology, offer rapid air decontamination with 8 – 12 air changes per hour (ACH) in a typical 6 bed bay with 2 units.

To limit disruption to patients and staff, the AIRIAL-1000™ systems were installed during the ceiling renovation works. Collaboration between the Trust’s Infection Control Team, contractors, and Inivos ensured that the project was completed promptly, with minimal impact on the ward’s patients or staff.

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In the year following the installation of the AIRIAL-1000™ units, North Bristol Hospital observed significant improvements in air quality. The installation of the AIRIAL-1000™ units has led to a marked decrease in infection rates, exemplified by the absence of flu outbreaks on the ward during the winter season so far.
This notable reduction, frequently mentioned by healthcare professionals on the ward, demonstrates the system’s effectiveness in enhancing both patient safety and staff working conditions.

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