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Our vision is to eliminate the opportunity for people to acquire infection in a healthcare setting

Our mission is to enable better healthcare, faster, by supporting facilities to protect people from infection

Inivos are a global med-tech company who are experts in infection prevention and control. We provide specialist hygiene products and hi-tech robotic decontamination solutions to more than 50% of NHS Hospital Trusts in the UK and to health centres around the world.

Our combination of research-based evidence, innovative technologies and hands-on experience means we’re able to offer a seamless journey from needs analysis through to solution design and product delivery.

We work closely with clinicians in each country we operate in to understand local concerns, where the dangers lie and put in place preventative measures to eliminate healthcare acquired infections. We deliver validated results via tested products which we know can save lives.

Our Solutions

The 4 Vectors of Infection Transmission

Understanding how infection is spread is vital to knowing how it can be prevented. We have identified four vectors of transmission in healthcare and developed evidence based solutions to tackle each one.

4 Vectors of transmission diagram
Our Process

Proven and Trusted Infection Prevention and Control

We work with international experts in infection prevention and control to develop tangible solutions to genuine problems affecting hospitals. In fact, our products are trusted by hospitals around the world and in over 50% of NHS Trusts in the UK. Good governance is in the fabric of our being. We strive to meet and exceed the health regulations in place for each country we work in. That’s why the efficacy of our products are independently verified by clinical research centres and governing bodies, such as Public Health England.

It’s also the reason we regularly carry out our own testing, to ensure the safety and efficacy ourselves, using our intelligently designed technology and reporting methods. A Standard Operating Procedure designed for each of our products and the training we provide to use them, ensures the safety of staff and patients alike. We do all of this to assure quality and make Inivos a name you can trust.

How we create solutions

We use a three step approach to ADD value to your organisation.

Understand, Design and Deliver Diagram

The proven Inivos three-step approach enables analysis of the situation to identify the source of risks, either proactively or reactively. Harnessing our situational awareness and expertise, we work with you to design a programme of implementation using our decontamination and hygiene products to eliminate the risks of infection. Throughout this process, we deliver validated results that allow risks to be monitored and reinfection reduced in future.

By understanding the micro-organisms first and how to defeat them we developed the technology to deliver that result.  From robotic disinfection systems to modular healthcare facilities, disinfectants and detergents, we deliver fast measurable results which we know save lives.

Our Culture

Values and Ethos

Inivos have established five key values that sit at the heart of what Inivos strives to accomplish which our staff embody throughout all their duties; excellence, resourcefulness, innovation, understanding and integrity. Our attention to detail, strong communication and expertise combined with these values make Inivos the passionate innovators we are.

Find out more about the people who make Inivos expert, trusted, and resourceful infection control partners, and see what opportunities are available for you to join us.

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