Rapid Deployment Decontamination Chamber

Rapid deployment solution

Our decontamination chambers provide an ideal solution to finding a dedicated space in which to decontaminate equipment. Being rapid deployable also makes them an agile solution to your needs. Set up takes just 4 hours.

Their size of 2.1m tall, 2.4m wide and deep, makes them an agile solution to your needs – deployable globally within weeks.

A central decontamination point

The chamber’s design allows it to be an effective central point for the decontamination of PPE. The interior is clad with PVC to facilitate cleaning, there are racks and hangers for the stowage of PPE and an electrical socket for the installation of auto-decontamination equipment.

Built for efficiency

Two doors to encourage clean/dirty process management and segregation, minimising contact, whilst the minimal footprint facilitates local or departmental level deployment and use. Locks provide security and prevent contamination during decontamination and LED lighting is a power-saving utility.

Why Inivos?

Inivos enables hospitals to deliver better care faster and protect hospital staff from infection. They are experts in the transmission vectors of human pathogenic microorganisms and have deep understanding of the staff behaviours that reduce infection transmission. Working alongside the NHS and hospitals around the world, they have a proven track record of reducing infection rates and length of stay.

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ProXpod is designed to be used with our HPV decontamination technology: A unique method of vapour dispersal through ultra-sonic cavitation.