HDU (High Dependency Unit)

Cutting infection out of the picture is especially key for high dependency units, where patients and staff need to focus on recovery.

Time is of the essence so providing industry leading decontamination times is only one part of the offering from Inivos. Our HPV technology provides a decontamination that can be relied upon time and time again. With no operator programming, the entire process can return the room to a usable state in as little as 2 hours, meaning valuable care space is being used efficiently. Our team of experts are happy to help with RAG protocols to build a fast and efficient cleaning and decontamination programme for your care facility.

Consistently delivering a Log6 reduction in harmful pathogens, via a validated and documented process, our technology can provide you with an auditable decontamination programme. With an intuitive user interface and full training provided, any member of your team would be able to run these processes at the touch of a button. With built-in safety measures and user security cards, you can be sure that high dependency units have been effectively decontaminated, efficiently, safely and aligned to your cleaning protocols.