Infection Control in Operating Theatres

Elective and emergency surgery are the lifeblood of any acute healthcare facility and nowhere is infection prevention and control more important.

From years of experience in working in these environments, Inivos has developed a range of solutions to assist theatre managers, nurses and surgeons in reducing the risk of patients acquiring infection whilst in theatre or recovery areas. With solutions giving up to a Log6 reduction in harmful pathogens, Inivos is there to take the possibility of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) away. Whether this is proactive cleaning or reactive decontamination requirements, we are here to support hospitals and keep them focussed on patient care and recovery while we break the chain of infection.

Both hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) and ultraviolet-c (UV-C) light technologies provide the peace of mind theatres need with proven and validated efficacy for every process run. Our intelligent technologies mean operator programming is not required and decontamination cycles can be completed efficiently and effectively with a full audit trail.

Inivos decontamination technologies have been extensively tested to ensure their compatibility with theatre equipment. Using Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Testing (HALT), we have been able to identify that both our HPV and UV-C technologies will have no detrimental effect on the equipment commonly used in theatre suites. For more information, speak to your Inivos representative or contact us for your personalised demonstration.