Infection Control Technology

Inivos offers highly effective decontamination through its innovative UV-C light ray and hydrogen peroxide vapour disinfection robots. This technology ensures an efficacious and effective decontamination of patient equipment, with a proven, measured system of validation for each and every cleaning cycle. Using this technology, which has been independently verified to achieve a log 6 reduction of bacteria, rapid decontamination can be achieved in various scenarios.

We also have an array of hygiene products that tackle infection risks transmitted through air and water, specially designed to reduce these risks quickly and effectively.


The current Covid-19 pandemic has increased pressures on hospitals and care facilities. A joint pro-active and re-active approach to infection control is necessary to avoid patient bottle-necks and reduce peaks. Maintaining patient-flow and reducing the risk of further HAIs brought about by the pandemic is paramount to providing a healthy healthcare service to both staff and patients in an ever-changing landscape. Inivos offers an extensive range of infection control products and services that combine to cater for all requirements with proven results to minimise infection.

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