Multi-bedded Bays

With a decontamination capability of 170m3, ProXcide® is perfect for the decontamination of multi-bedded bays when an outbreak occurs.

In the event of a single infectious patient, who will most likely be moved to an isolation room, Inivos is able to quickly and effectively decontaminate a single bay using either HPV or UV-C technology. The bay is isolated from the rest using Inivos protective sheeting and the decontamination can take place without having to decant the ward. However, if the infection discovered requires a decant solution, our emergency decontamination team can be on-site anywhere in the UK within 8 hours.  Simply call our 24hr emergency response number.

Multi-bedded bays may also be subject to proactive routine cleans upon patient discharge, where time is key. Our UV-C products can decontaminate spaces in as little as 8 minutes, providing a repeatable, validated process with emailed efficacy reporting for audit purposes. For reactive cleaning when an outbreak occurs, our HPV technology can produce Log6 reductions in harmful pathogens, such as C.diff, with spaces being usable in as little as 2 hours. All of our technologies produce results validated to the same level as laboratory studies, ensuring microorganisms are exposed to the correct level to guarantee decontamination every single time.