Our people

At Inivos we pride ourselves on being individuals who make up a team with one aim – to reduce and prevent hospital infections. From researchers to business administrators, technicians to client support, our complementary skills help us develop the best in healthcare to keep patients safe. Clarity, good communication and trust added to technical expertise and knowledge are the foundations of our people and our business.

Our people passionately strive for excellence which you will see in their careful attention to detail. We are inquisitive and we like to understand, not just for the sake of more knowledge but to fuel our innovation in new products, services, and solutions for our customers. We call this resourcefulness, and a sense that perfection is only just good enough.

All of our teams work together to our core values of agile, accountable and ambitious. We are Inivos.

Bruce McEwan
Managing Director

Nicola Stanforth Inivos website

Nicola Stanforth

Head of Corporate Services

Rachel Slinger
Chief Financial Officer

Ben Russell team page

Ben Russell

South Key Account Manager

Ben Kilbey
National Sales Manager

Wallace Lyon web

Wallace Lyon

Midlands Key Account Manager


Wendy Edmond-Arnett
Product Manager

Ian Morren

Ian Morren
Head of Product

Kermashnie De Sousa
Sales Manager

Ruben Silva Rojo

Ruben Silva Rojo

Mobile Service Technician


Mike Pay

Mobile Service Technician


Titas Trumpa

Mobile Service Technician

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