Research and Development of Infection Control Technologies

Inivos’ research and development team have been working closely with clinicians since 2007 to understand how pathogens manifest and multiply within the healthcare environment. Knowing which micro-organisms are responsible for infection and how they are transmitted is the first step in developing a strategy for managing the risks associated with hospital acquired infections.
Our innovation in the control of infections

Using dedicated facilities and specialist departments, including laboratories, microbiologists, chemists, and engineers, we have designed technologies which deliver a range of infection control solutions. Our team is constantly working towards improving our designs to reduce hospital acquired infections.

By understanding the micro-organisms first and how to defeat them we develop the technology to reduce infection risks with assured validation. This is what makes Inivos different.

Our core technologies are:

Hydrogen peroxide vapour

Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is a chemical compound made up of two atoms; hydrogen and oxygen. A powerful disinfectant that has been used since the 1920’s, it is highly effective at killing micro-organisms by a process of oxidisation which destroys the cell wall. Hydrogen Peroxide is preferred as a disinfectant as it breaks down to form water (H2O) and oxygen (O).

Our systems vaporise a hydrogen peroxide solution to disinfect surfaces within an enclosed space and have been proven to reduce the risk of patients acquiring infection whilst in hospital. 

Ultraviolet light

UV-C is a short-wavelength light that destroys the nucleic acid inside micro-organisms and disrupts their DNA. Used as a form of sterilisation for over 100 years, ultraviolet light is popular due to it being a chemical free, residue free process. 

Our systems use a combination of high intensity UV-C and real-time monitoring to flood a contained space with light and minimise the risk of shadowing. 

HOW UV-C Light Works in Infection Control

UV-C graphic showing how Ultra-C light works

Although this technology sits at the core of Inivos’ development, our experience shows that infections are not just spread by contaminated surfaces. To target the four vectors of infection we’ve identified, we also supply a range of other products and technologies that reduce the risks of infection from air and water.