Knowledge sharing is vital if those of us who care about healthcare are going to reduce and eliminate Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Our webinars look at everyday problems with the input of clinicians and health professionals who have lived through them and found solutions.

Our guest speakers discuss real life cases and have they overcame problems to find the best ways to protect patients and staff and prevent and control infections in hospital settings.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HVP) Decontamination Cycle Validation using Electronic Indicators
5th Nov 2020


A Strategy for Preventing Cross Infection from Emergency Departments Confirmation
1st Oct 2020


New Technology Focus for Rapid Decontamination – Ultra-V Connect™ – in conjunction with Unispace Australia
15th Sept 2020


New Technology Focus for Rapid Decontamination – Ultra-V Connect™
3rd September 2020


A Strategy For Integrated Decontamination in NHS Trusts
13th August 2020


A Strategy for Patient Equipment Cleaning & Decontamination
23rd July 2020


A Strategy for Decontamination in Care Homes
2nd July 2020


A Strategy for Managing Contamination Risk in Segregated Hospitals
2nd June 2020


A Strategy for PPE decontamination
5th May 2020