Inivos Achieves Multiple Accreditation Success

Inivos prides itself of bringing the very best to customers and holding itself to the highest standards. Since the start of 2020, this has included the achievement of several certifications from the UKAS accredited BSI ISO 9001 Extension to Scope, as well as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, and most recently the achievement of ISO 27001. This was no small undertaking as the company implemented the standards across all of their UK sites at the same time, rather than individually. The achievement of these standards drives efficacy across the business and delivers consistent and repeatable processes to ensure our customers get the best products and services from Inivos. 

ISO 9001 attests that Inivos has a strong customer focus, a motivated top management, as well as process approach and continual improvement. It demonstrates that customers will receive consistent, quality products and services time and time again.  For Inivos, this means that when you see our products, you know you are getting quality built into the heart of every machine and dedicated staff behind every service we offer. 

The achievement of ISO 14001 demonstrates Inivos’ ability to conduct business in a sustainable way, without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs.  This is a balance of environment, society and economic needs which enable Inivos and work with the NHS to deliver Net Zero and be a trusted supplier for over half the NHS trusts in the UK. 

ISO 45001 validates the company commitment to occupational health and safety.  For employees of the company this means their work environment is safe, risks are managed effectively, and Inivos is dedicated to their individual well-being.  For our customers, this confirms our commitment to meeting your requirements in a safe and efficient manner and that we have appropriate systems in place to manage any concerns raised.  This achievement also recognises Safety Schemes in Procurement, as well as safe contractor accreditation for Inivos, which covers our work on customers sites.  Protecting our network, and your data, we also carry certification for both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. 

The effective storage and protection, not only of our company information, but also of our customers information (names, addresses, contact details, financial details) is paramount for our organisation.  Inivos protects its intellectual property and any other digital assets from the threats of cyber security breaches and attacks.  For our customers this means you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands. 

Marcus Gordon, head of quality and compliance, commented “BSI was chosen as the certification body as their high standards were seen to be the benchmark that the company was determined to meet.  To be awarded certification on four management system standards within a year of starting the process is a massive achievement and is testament to management and staff who embraced the challenge and supported the Quality & Compliance team deliver on these critical business projects. 

The achievement of these standards is no small undertaking, 2022 sees Inivos striving forward to achieve more standards.  Each achievement holds testament to the commitment and dedication of employees at all levels – as well as our commitment to customers. 

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