Inivos Mini VHP system wins European INNO4COV19 funding

Inivos are proud to announce that our proposal for a mini VHP decontamination system has been selected for funding in the second round of INNO4COV19 Open Call. Inivos deliver world-class automated decontamination and strive to be at the cutting-edge of developing clinically effective infection prevention and control technology to prevent and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

INNO4COV-19 Open Call was launched on the 2nd of November 2020 and was open until the end of April 2021. The Call was designed to have 3 cut-offs, every 4 months, but due to the high number of applicants in the first cut-off, and giving the emergency action in finding solutions to tackle COVID-19, the second and third cut-off of the INNO4COV-19 Open Call were merged in a single date (30th April 2021).

The mini VHP proposal has been listed among the 12 awarded funding in the second round, out of an original starting 290 applications. The Inivos proposal is just 1 of 4 awarded from the UK. In the feedback provided by the judging consortium, the best-in-class efficacy of Inivos hydrogen peroxide technology was highlighted as being “higher than the ones already on the market” and stated that “miniaturization of it will certainly help to minimize cross-contamination in small spaces”. It’s really rewarding to see Inivos products being recognised by European funding and opportunities like that provided by INNO4COV-19 Open Call ensure that the innovative ideas of the team can become realities that are offered throughout Europe.

The award of the funding is testament to the hard work and commitment invested from the Inivos team in advancing infection prevention and control technologies, ultimately providing better healthcare, faster.

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