Industry meets education; Inivos welcomes SciChem into its family of brands

Scientific and Chemical Supplies Ltd (SciChem), the renowned and trusted supplier of school science equipment for over 60 years, has just joined forces with Inivos, a family-run company, founded in 2007.

Inivos are a trusted market leader in infection prevention and control technologies, primarily HPV and UV-C decontamination solutions, and currently work with over 50% of the UK’s NHS Trusts.

A fitting new partnership, especially in the current climate, as health meets education!

This is big news on the educational supplier front and an extremely reassuring one for schools. SciChem are a long-established business, founded in 1957, and have been supplying scientific laboratory equipment and chemicals to schools for many years. Customers benefit from their in-depth knowledge of education and long-standing relationships with trusted, reputable suppliers. This will continue, but now with the huge advantage of an additional wealth of experience that will be of great benefit to everyone, worldwide.

This partnership of health technology and science education is a truly exciting prospect and one that will yield great benefits.

To show this off to its full effect, Inivos invited the Association for Science Education (ASE) for an access-to-all-areas look at the company now behind SciChem.

The ASE is an active membership body that has been supporting those involved in science education from pre-school to higher education for over 100 years; members include teachers, technicians, tutors and advisers. They are a Registered Charity with a Royal Charter, owned by their members and independent of government. They seek to create a powerful voice for science education professionals, in order to make a positive and influential difference to the teaching and learning of science throughout the UK and further afield.

Rebecca Dixon-Watmough, ASE’s Business Development Manager, accepted the invitation to visit Inivos HQ on behalf of the ASE. Rebecca works closely with industry, science teachers and science technicians to produce, amongst other things, teaching and learning materials, and has a valuable insight into the industry.

Representing SciChem and Inivos, Commercial Director Simon Leggett who organised the first-of-its-kind tour involving the Inivos HQ testing laboratory and production facility, said, “It’s easy to see how SciChem and all its staff can be nurtured within our family of brands. Buoyed by the current salesforce within Inivos, SciChem will continue to ensure that science teachers and technicians have access to all that is needed within the classroom. Product demonstrations, CPD and lesson plans will all become available, much of this approved by the ASE, so providing a ‘one stop shop’ for science education. Special offers and discounts for ASE members will also apply.”

On summarising the visit, Rebecca Dixon-Watmough commented, “Today’s visit has been truly inspirational and it has been great to see, first-hand, how the companies within the Inivos group fit so neatly together. From the site visits attended, it has been truly uplifting to see how the brands work together. Quality and health and safety are a big part of this and so, from a schools perspective, SciChem seems to be in very capable hands.”

Did you know that if you don’t capture a child’s interest in science by the age of 11, then you’ve lost them forever – and that there is a big skills gap for students leaving school and going into the workplace?

Inivos sees the importance of this and is keen to address it.

Rick Fentiman, Managing Director of Inivos, said, “Science has saved millions of lives from Covid, which is why practical science education in our schools today is so important. Our motivation in joining the businesses together is that we can be instrumental in inspiring the next generation of scientists and changing health outcomes for the better. Who knows which classroom our next Chris Whitty is sitting in today?”

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