IP2023 Conference Reflections

The annual Infection Prevention Society (IPS) conference, IP2023, marked its 15th year. Still reigning as the industry’s most anticipated calendar event, the conference presented valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to get up-close with some of the leading products in the field.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit our stand and enter our competition, good luck to those who entered! For those who couldn’t make it, you missed ProXcide® System in action, dispersing vapour on our stand (don’t worry it was distilled water vapour, not hydrogen peroxide).

ProXcide System at IP2023

One of the standout presentations came from Professor Cath Noakes, putting a spotlight on airborne infection risk management in healthcare settings. Titled “Into the Blue”, her discourse on ultraviolet (UV) solutions felt particularly topical with the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on our NHS. Prof Noakes highlighted that while both HEPA and UVC systems are effective in combating airborne pathogens, they should support rather than substitute current ventilation mechanisms. This will be of particular benefit to healthcare facilities with ageing estate.

Dr. Mark Garvey’s thought-provoking session posed the question, “Has IPC got a role in hospital productivity?” His research explored interventions across the spectrum of patient care – from entry to exit. Emphasising front door interventions, he highlighted the significance of point-of-care testing. Research presented demonstrated the effectiveness of UV light decontamination in curbing infections like C.diff and VRE during patient discharges. Find out more information on UV light and our Ultra-V® System here.

It seems that Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) is causing problems across the country. It was good to see this topic being discussed throughout the event. If your Trust or healthcare facility are struggling with an outbreak of CPE, we would recommend reading our case study with the University Hospital of South Manchester. Using ProXcide® System to decontaminate post-patient discharge or transfer, they were able to significantly reduce cases of CPE at their hospital.

Events like the IP2023 conference remind us of the importance of collaboration and information sharing within the IPC community. As challenges evolve, our collective strength lies in our ability to pool knowledge and resources to confront them head-on. As your partners in infection control, Inivos is proud to work with over 50% of NHS trusts in the UK. Offering world-class decontamination products and services, we are committed to ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-equipped and supported in their mission to maintain the highest standards of patient safety.

For Trusts grappling with a CPE outbreak or similar challenges, remember, Inivos are ready to assist. Be it through the initiation of an HPV deep-clean or by facilitating connections with Trusts adept at managing such outbreaks – we are here to help, just give us a call.
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