Isle of Wight NHS Trust launches ambulance decontamination pilot project supported by Inivos’ ProXcide technology

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The Isle of Wight NHS Trust became the first in the UK to launch an ambulance decontamination programme for all emergency and non-emergency vehicles. This new process, utilising Inivos’ ProXcide hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology, ensures the same standards of clinical decontamination that are achieved inside the hospital, are maintained outside the hospital, covering all areas of patient care services and pathways.

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The Challenge

The challenge the Trust faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, like many others, was that emergency blue-light vehicles must be readily available, leaving a short turnaround time after patient handover for cleaning.

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The Solution

Inivos worked with ambulance fleet managers and Office Station Managers (OSMs) to understand planned and unplanned maintenance of the emergency vehicle fleet. This resulted in the creation of a successful ambulance decontamination programme.

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