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…And with 98% of helpdesk calls resulting in our team being on site within just 2 hours of a decontamination request, our service is unbeatable! Whether you need a quick turnaround with technicians on site within hours or would prefer to fit our services in with your deep cleaning program, we can design and deliver a solution customised to your needs.

With wards changing over to their normal function as we start to emerge from the pandemic, we understand the importance of ensuring validated decontamination takes place before being transferred, so that staff and patients are protected from cross infection as much as possible.

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On-Call Service

We can be with you as soon as you need us, within 8 hours, anywhere in the UK, anytime of the day or night to provide a rapid solution to your infection control need. Our on-call emergency service can be booked directly through our specialist 24 hour helpdesk.

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Project Services

Target a specific need before a problem impacts detrimentally on staff and patients. Our fixed-cost project services provide you with a level of control through agreed outcomes that are completed within a defined timeframe.

We’re here to support you, wherever and whenever you need us, with emergency decontamination services available all day, every day.

On-Call Services

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Project Services

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Manged Services

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