Ultra-V Connect for Effective Management of a CPE Outbreak

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust faced a significant CPE occurrence on one of their sites, with a strong probability of it originating from the kitchen drainage system, resulting in colonisation of patients, and requiring urgent action to address the environmental issues.

The Trust sought assistance from the UK Health Security Agency and one of the recommendations following a peer review was to implement end-of-day UVC decontamination.

Ultra-V Connect’s validated efficacy, combined with its ease of use, quick deployment, and compatibility with the hospital’s capacity and patient flow, made it the preferred choice.

Ceiling  mounted, the device allows for effective and routine surface decontamination. Two units were installed in the zonal kitchen, providing custom cycles suited to the specific environment.

Julie Booth, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control, emphasized the importance of innovation, “We need to demonstrate innovation in infection prevention & control, and this an innovative way of managing CPE in the environment. We know Ultra-V Connect has proven efficacy around elimination of bacteria, fungus and spores.”

Ultra-V Connect Process Monitor

Julie expressed her satisfaction with Inivos as a company, highlighting their ease of collaboration, effective information sharing, and reliable support. She mentioned that, to her knowledge, there is no comparable product on the market that matches the capabilities of Ultra-V Connect, further highlighting its uniqueness and effectiveness.

By incorporating this advanced technology into their infection prevention and control practices, the Trust have demonstrated a commitment to patient safety and the continuous improvement of their IP&C strategies.

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