Decontamination Process Warning Signs

Simple and highly visible single use sign with ‘proof of process’ stub for reference.

Ultra-V Warning Sign
Proxcide Warning Sign
Deprox Warning Sign

Decontamination Process Warning Signs

To operate decontamination systems safely within your organisation, you will require a method of visually warning personnel in surrounding environments of the process and its associated hazards. The Inivos A2-sized warning signage are simple and highly visible single-use signs to inform personnel of the treatment process.

The sequentially numbered signs come in pads of 50, glued and stitched at the spine and perforated to remove the sign before use. The ‘proof of process sign stub’ retained in the spine of the book has space to complete process time, date, location and operator details and can be retained as proof of process for later reference. The sign gives visual warning to all personnel in surrounding areas and provides information on the hazards associated with the decontamination process. There is space for the operator to complete the process checklist and leave contact details in case of emergency.

There is also a handy pre-process checklist on the reverse to ensure all necessary preparations are carried out prior to the process in order to achieve maximum efficacy of decontamination and safety in operation.

Key Attributes

  • Top area requires information: Location, Date, Operator, Process number, Start time and Finish time. To be duplicated on sign and stub to keep for records.
  • Infection can be recorded.
  • Hydrogen peroxide gas detector readings recorded – before the process (time/ppm) and after the process (time/ppm).
  • Pre process checklist.
  • Post process sign off area on reverse of stub – I can confirm that this area has been decontaminated.

Intended use

Taped on, or next to, all sealed entrances of areas due to be treated by the system.


Laying flat in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight.

Warnings / Precautions

Caution is required when handling warning sign sheets, edge of paper can cause minor cuts if mis-handled.


50 sheets per pad.

Product ordering

Code Description
7103 ProXcide® warning sign pad
5073 Ultra-V™ warning sign pad

Product specifications

Code Description
WIDTH 297mm
HEIGHT 420mm

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