Door Bar

Protect the integrity of your decontamination process and prevent accidental exposure, keeping the door secured and shut.

Door Bar

In order to prevent access to the treatment room during a decontamination process, the DoorBar has been designed to swiftly secure any door.

Made from force resistant extruded plastic, the DoorBar allows the operator to ensure the room cannot be entered, even on doors with no lock. This is a particularly important safety consideration in the hospital environment, especially in paediatric and mental health settings.

Key Attributes

Plastic body with a fabric strap.

Intended use

Fabric strap is fitted through door, other side of DoorBar is slid on to strap and locked firmly in place with a padlock.


Laying flat in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight.

Warnings / Precautions

Care must be taken when using with closing doors as hands may become trapped between surfaces.

Product ordering

Code Description
HS7103 DoorBar

Product specifications

Dimension mm
WIDTH 370mm

Watch our Deprox™ Door Bar training video