Ventilation Restriction Kit (VentCap and TeleProp)

An easy-to-use, single person operated method of sealing ventilation grilles whilst avoiding the risks associated with working at height.

Ventilation Restriction Kit (VentCap and TeleProp)

To operate the Inivos Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour decontamination systems safely within your organisation, you will require a method of safely restricting the ventilation into the spaces you are treating. The ventilation restriction kit is a simple device for sealing ventilation grilles by a single operator and avoiding the risks of working at height.

The ventilation restriction kit comes complete with a telescopic pole (TeleProp) with anti-slip foot and rigid plastic ventilation cover board attached to the reverse end of the pole. The rigid VentCap is placed over the ventilation grille and the pole is extended to a flat fixed surface. This provides support to hold the VentCap in place throughout the treatment process and prevents ventilation into or air extraction from the space.

The ventilation restriction kit is easy to remove at the end of a decontamination process by simply releasing the pole and removing the rigid plastic cover from the ventilation grille to allow air flow into the room. During each hydrogen peroxide vapour treatment cycle the kit is also decontaminated which means maintenance is low. All that should be required is to keep the equipment free of dirt/debris and ensure the extension and locking mechanisms on the TeleProp are functional.

Key Attributes

  • A standard, large or irregular ventilation cover, made in PU plastic (UL 94 V-0) and silicone rubber.
  • A teleprop pole to be fitted in the recess on the ventilation cover (extension range: 1415 – 3715mm).

Intended use

For sealing ventilation grilles in a hospital room during a hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination process.


Dry and out of direct sunlight.

Warnings / Precautions

Manual handling warning, caution must be taken when lifting ventkit and raising over head.

Product ordering

Code Description
5050 Standard Ventilation Restriction Kit (1 x VentCap and 1 x TeleProp)
5060 Large Ventilation Restriction Kit (1 x VentCap and 5 x TeleProps)
5061 Irregular Ventilation Restriction Kit (Made to order)

Product specifications

Code Description
WIDTH Apprx. 682mm2 inc. silicone gasket
DEPTH Apprx. 158mm

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