DVI Sealant Tape

To operate the range of Inivos decontamination robots safely within your organisation, you will require appropriate sealant tapes to prevent leakage and visually mark the areas during the decontamination cycles for safety reasons. Our DVI Sealant Tapes have been validated for the effective containment of both Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) and UV-C light when applied correctly.

  • Available in a variety of adhesion strengths (low-max)
  • Does not mark
  • Easy to remove

Product ordering


Code Description
5035 DVI Sealant Tape: Low adhesion (blue)
5035 DVI Sealant Tape: Medium adhesion (red)
5036 DVI Sealant Tape: Maximum adhesion (orange)

Product specifications

LENGTH 248mm
WIDTH 25mm