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24 Hour Rapid Response Decontamination Service

Hospitals all around the world are under constant pressure from bed capacity and patient flow. Infection control and prevention can at times be seen as the poor relation to other burning priorities in the healthcare system.

The Hygiene Solutions Rapid Response Decontamination Service is designed to respond to the needs of hospitals that have identified a specific infection risk to patients.

It has been proven to assist with outbreaks of infection in in-patient areas, the management of infected patients in emergency departments and the reduction of risk of cross-contamination to patients on discharge.

We know the pressure modern hospitals operate under so we have designed a service that is fast, responsive and available for immediate deployment.

Emergency Decontamination

I have a contaminated area

Call our Emergency helpline to speak to our operations team for 24/7 deployment. The numbers are at the top of this page.

I may need to decontaminate an area soon

Maybe you have a planned patient discharge? Or an opportunity to access a high demand in-patient area? Call our helpline to discuss your requirements and arrange for a proactive decontamination when you need it.

I need advice

Are you aware of an infection risk and not quite sure what to do about it?

Call our helpline to get advice on how to best manage the operational considerations, patient safety and patient flow.

Rapid Response

We know that bed pressures are a never-ending challenge in hospitals. When infection occurs, it needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible before it can spread further.

Hygiene Solutions Rapid Response On-Call Decontamination Service has been developed alongside hospitals to make sure patient turnover is maintained and beds are un-blocked as quickly as possible. When you call us we guarantee we will be with you within 8 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We want you to know that the best decontamination is available to you quickly, and that your patients will be in a safe environment.

Some of the emergencies we can help with right now

Emergency decontamination of a single side room post discharge of an infected patient

Emergency decontamination of a theatre post surgery of an infected patient

Emergency decontamination of a area post sewage leak

Emergency decontamination of a treatment room post clinic list or infected patient

Frequently Asked Questions