Back to a Healthy Future 2022

Following the funding received from INNO4COV-19 at the end of last year, we are pleased to announce we will be attending Back to a Healthy Future in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd September.

INNO4COV-19 is a European funded project that aims to address the need for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring systems targeting Covid-19 with increased efficacy, efficiency and at a lower cost.

Since winning the funding in October last year, the Inivos research and development team have spent the last 10 months designing, building, tweaking and testing our mini-VHP. Now in it’s final development stages we will be showcasing the product for the first time at the two-day exhibition alongside the original ProXcide.

Back to a Healthy Future brings together around 50 companies from all over Europe that were willing to respond rapidly to the Covid-19 pandemic by providing innovative solutions to support healthcare systems. The focus is now to prepare for a healthy future together.

The two-day event will address a number of topics including:

  • Digital Healthcare Solutions,
  • Environmental Surveillance,
  • Protective Equipment for people and safer places,
  • Healthcare Technology and Innovation
  • Regulatory Guidelines

The impact of the technology derived from the project will accelerate the introduction of innovation to the market therefore, contributing to the European and global capacity in management of the Covid-19 pandemic and increase the preparedness and prompt response to future outbreaks.

If you would like more information on our mini-VHP, please complete the form below to register your interest.

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