Ultra-V™ and Ultra-V Connect™

Using leading automated technology, the range of ultraviolet-C light decontamination devices by Inivos offer fully automated and independently validated >log5 reduction with enhanced safety measures.

The ultraviolet-C range by the leading infection prevention experts encompasses the Ultra-V, a movable decontamination robot adaptable to any environment, and the Ultra-V Connect, a ceiling-mounted model designed to provide rapid decontamination to areas with high volume and frequency of patients.

Designed to decontaminate clinical spaces in as little as an hour, the Ultra-V decontamination robot combines ultraviolet-c (UV-C) technology with pioneering spectrome analysis to achieve consistent, measurable and independently validated >log5 reduction of pathogens.

The Ultra-V deploys ten powerful UV-C lamps at a germicidal wavelength of 254mn to remove micro-organisms from the environment – including SARS-CoV-2, MRSA and VRE. The process breaks down the organism cell wall and eradicates the genetic material within, reducing pathogens to a safe, non-infective level.

Using spectromes to independently assess its surroundings, the Ultra-V can detect the strength and duration of decontamination necessary and perform this action autonomously. Each decontamination is then automatically assessed by the Ultra-V, with a validation report provided so operators can be assured that each cycle has successfully reduced pathogens.

Further to this, the Ultra-V has a remote process monitor, enabling operators to supervise the process from a safe location outside the decontamination field. Featuring advanced safety features, it will automatically switch off if it senses any movement.

As a result, the Ultra-V is a popular choice for clinical settings due to its efficiency and high level of efficacy that it can easily achieve, as well as the incredible speed it can decontaminate a clinical environment in.

Using the same ultraviolet-C lamps, the Ultra-V Connect is a unique fixed decontamination device. Able to achieve >log5 reduction of pathogens in as little as twenty-five minutes, this remotely controlled, and fully automated device is perfect for high footfall patient settings.

Designed to be fixed to ceilings in busy healthcare environments, the Ultra-V Connect’s rapid-deployment, short cycle duration and enhanced safety measures make it ideal for use between patient appointments, it’s the perfect machine for spaces that need regular decontamination. This technology can also be calibrated to just perform short decontamination cycles on a small high-risk
area in a space, rather than the whole space, saving both time and energy, whilst still providing high levels of efficacy.

The Ultra-V Connect delivers a validation report at the end of each cycle, ensuring that those using this technology can be assured that dangerous pathogens have been successfully removed. Enhanced safety measures, including built-in safety sensors which immediately end the cycle when movement is detected, remove the risk of accidental human exposure to UV-C light.

Both devices are designed by leading infection prevention and control experts, Inivos, who regularly supply decontamination technology and services to more than a third (41%) of NHS Trusts.

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