World Health Day: Our planet, our health – Sustainable and environmentally conscious decontamination

Better healthcare, faster is the Inivos mission; working to innovate through our automated decontamination products and services to protect societies from infections when in healthcare settings. We’re constantly striving to lower and ultimately remove the environmental impact of these technologies, in full alignment with the NHS’s net zero carbon targets for 2040. Our work goes hand in hand with enabling and supporting well-being societies.

Reducing healthcare acquired infections (HAIs)

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 13 million deaths occur globally each year due to avoidable environmental causes. When you add in a pandemic, treatment waiting times for both emergency and standard procedures sore, adding to the overall count of lives lost. On March 24th, there were 17,440 patients with covid in hospital and within the last 7 days of March 28th, 587,721 people in the UK were recorded as testing positive for the virus. It’s vitally important that spaces frequented by those more susceptible to both passing on and acquiring an infection are treated adequately.

Inivos has developed technology to decontaminate target spaces using both hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) and ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light (both ceiling-mounted and mobile options). Recently expanding our offering to include air purification devices that employ HEPA filter technology and UV-C inactivation of infectious microorganisms. Our technology offers automated decontamination processes with robust audit trails every time, so you have confidence that your treatment spaces have a reduced risk of infection transmission.

Going green

The pandemic and a bottleneck of medical procedures means that more PPE is required – the UK government estimated that over 118 million PPE items were distributed throughout the UK in July 2020 alone. An independent study has verified that Inivos technology is capable of effectively decontaminating single use PPE, reducing PPE waste and enabling internal recycling of items such as face masks and gowns.

Our products are made in the UK, keeping the carbon footprint of our manufacturing process low. The automated technologies themselves are more sustainable than single-use cleaning products as their lifespan is much longer, reducing the amount of waste produced by hospitals, resulting in fewer plastics and single-use consumables going into landfill sites.

Increased medical procedures also means increased energy consumption by hospitals as a result of increased procedures. By working to reduce the number of infections acquired, and therefore bed days and treatment required, Inivos are also working to decrease energy consumption.

Help reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning

Contact our infection prevention and control experts today to discuss how your hospital can utilise our decontamination technologies to reduce healthcare acquired infections and promote a well-being society.

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