Elevating Healthcare with Advanced Ventilation: Celebrating World Ventil8 Day

World Ventil8 Day casts a spotlight on the critical role of ventilation in creating safe healthcare environments. Amidst heightened awareness of airborne infections, it’s a timely reminder of the need for effective ventilation in infection prevention and control (IPC).

In healthcare settings, where the risk of airborne transmission is high, robust ventilation is essential. It removes infectious aerosols, protecting both patients and healthcare professionals. Recognizing this need, Inivos offers the AIRIAL-1000.

AIRIAL-1000 is an easily installed, ceiling fitted solution for air filtration of high-risk areas in hospitals and other clinical environments. The combination of tried and trusted HEPA filtration alongside the sterilising capabilities of UV-C light technology allow for fast air decontamination in a compact unit capable of 8 air changes per hour (ACH).

Airial-1000 ceiling fitted air filtration

Reducing airborne pathogens by more than 83%, AIRIAL-1000 provides a non-obtrusive solution to improving air quality without loss of circulation or trip hazards as typically associated with mobile systems and trailing cables. The unit can be set to run continuously in occupied spaces providing a constant reduction of pathogens.

World Ventil8 Day is more than an awareness campaign; it’s a call to action. It’s an opportunity for healthcare facilities to re-evaluate their ventilation systems and for all of us to recognize the vital role clean air plays. Inivos stands ready to support this crucial effort, today and every day.

Find out more about World Ventil8 Day here: World Ventil8 Day

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